How to keep safe in a world of Scams

How to keep safe in a world of Scams

Nov 2, 2018

In an uncertain world where all we hear about is one scam or data breach after another how do you know how to keep safe whilst using the Internet or Email?

We are living in confusing times. Each time there is another data breach it gives to the scammers the ideal target for their next money-making scheme. They will randomly call people with a story relating to a well-publicised data breach in the hope that they get lucky. And that is unfortunately the problem.

We live busy lives and if we get that call at the time when we believe we have already been compromised why should it seem so unusual that the supplier is trying to help? Too many times there are calls which end up with the user allowing the caller to access their PC. Sometimes not much harm is done but, in any event, the only motivation is to take money from you.

In our business in October we had to help at least 15 people who lost money to these scammers. The worst case resulted in a loss of £30,000.00 for our customer to the scammers who managed to access his account. Even worse much of the money in this account belonged to his clients as deposit payments and not to him personally.

This type of experience can be devastating to the user and can lead to curtailment of use of computers. This in turn can mean that contact with the outside world becomes less leading to loneliness and isolation. As we know that older people are mainly targeted this is an attack on the most vulnerable persons in our society.

Here at Labyrinth IT Solutions we believe the key to defeating the scammers is to educate all our users to avoid being compromised with a handy checklist of facts to ensure you keep safe. So, our top tips and information are as follows:

·         Never let anyone remotely control your computer unless you know them well such as your local computer support company

·         If you receive a call, ask for a number to call back. This way you can check if it is genuine. If you are at all worried give them our number 01935 421299 and ask them to call us to discuss any actions needed – we can guarantee that they won’t!

·         If you receive an email with a link to reset your password, delete it immediately. If you are unsure what to do call us for assistance.

·         Remember: HMRC, Amazon and other retailers do not send emails with attachments or password links on them. This is especially important coming up to Christmas time when online shopping levels increase.

·         Any call stating that there are issues with your router or your broadband are most certainly not genuine. This is a ruse to get you to let the caller access your PC.


If you are ever worried about any of the items listed above, call us at Labyrinth IT Solutions on 01935 421299 – we would much rather advise you first than end up dealing with the aftermath of a scam attack

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