Cloud Disaster Recovery

For Businesses that cannot afford any business interruption Labyrinth IT Solutions can provide a live Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution.

How Does This Work?

By setting up a Site Recovery solution for your business using Labyrinth IT Solutions Cloud Portal powered by Windows Azure we can replicate data to the cloud for a monthly fee. If you experience a catastrophic incident the replicated data can be put to use via an Internet connection allowing your business to resume working normally as quickly as within 15-30 minutes.

The charges for running the replication as a full service do not come into effect until used and are charged per minute so you can rest assured you will not only have your business up and running again quickly but will only pay charges for what you use.

Once the normal business environment is rebuilt or fixed the service reverts to replication of data only

At all times the site recovery is monitored by us on your behalf to ensure it is always available to you if you need to use it.


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