Email Security

In partnership with Barracuda Networks a leading worldwide recognised Spam management company we are able to offer top class email spam filtering



  • Protection against virus infected attachments arriving via email
  • Protection against spam emails
  • End user Quarantine – notifications to users to manage their own spam
  • Blacklist and whitelisting services – don’t want certain senders emailing you? Blacklisting is quick and easy. Certain emails always ending up in spam – Whitelisting is easy and organisation wide.
  • Denial of service attacks – as Barracuda is a cloud based system it is designed to stop the spammers before they overload your email servers.
  • Email spooling. If your server or Internet fails email can be stored in the cloud for up to 96 hours. If need be mail can be delivered to alternative servers if you wish. If you need to see messages quickly you can do this via the web portal which gives visibility on emails waiting to be delivered.
  • Outgoing mail protection – this is filtered to prevent organisations becoming blacklisted as spam senders and will be unable to send virus emails. Additionally sensitive data can be prevented from leaving the network via a policy set in the configuration.