Steve and Sharon Tucker

Steve and Sharon Tucker

Print and Design

The Challenge

The challenge was to upgrade Print and Design’s old Windows XP machines to Windows 7, whilst also making sure that the need of the software to work in a Windows 7 environment was taken into account. It was also vital that this process was not disruptive to the working of the business whilst this changeover took place.

The Solution

Labyrinth spent time going through all the software to check whether it was compatible with Windows 7, and in cases where this was not possible made sure they were able to provide a viable alternative so they could continue to operate their software. Labyrinth also made sure that the printers were also compatible with Windows 7, and planned the installation of them around Print and Design’s workload in order that the business was not disrupted.

The Outcome

Excellent service as always from Labyrinth. We had a few initial problems which were overcome quickly and efficiently. It is always difficult to change over any system when you are using it on a day to day basis. Disruption was minimal and are pleased to say that it is good to be part of the 21st century!

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