Lina Chadburn

Lina Chadburn

Paul Nicholls Racing

The Challenge

Paul Nicholls Racing were wanting to update their systems as some of them were becoming slow and with the announcement of Windows 7 going end of life on support in less than a year were needing to upgrade the remaining Windows 7 machines to Windows 10. They were also wanting to implement a more flexible email system to work across all devices so that they could work easily when they were out of the office.

The Solution

4 new computers were deployed and networked together using a new switch for best performance. One computer was deployed with the main purpose of holding shared documents which were backed up to the cloud. Office 365 was deployed across the organization with the subscription covering both Email services and Software services. This standardized the programs being used across the entire business. Email was migrated to the cloud via pre-migration to minimize disruption whilst the change took place. Site visit was completed in a single day with some remote tweaks carried out post onsite visit to ensure all users were happy with their new systems. New Antivirus software was deployed across all computer systems to provide a tested and secure environment reducing the risk of an infection or data breach.

The Outcome

"The installation of the new equipment was done by Charles, who was most helpful and efficient. The transition on to the new system has been comfortable with only a few tweaks needed in the first couple of days and all users are now fully up to speed. Thanks for a great job done, all we need now is a bigger office!"

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