Luke Tapping

Luke Tapping

Lily Housing Project

The Challenge

The Lily Housing project was starting with new premises. They work with vulnerable young people and therefore needed to ensure that the IT equipment was secure, segregated between staff and clients and that Internet Security was addressed for their clients. Buildings and sites were being developed and there was no clear idea of how many users would end up working for the organization, therefore any system needed to be able to cope with additional staff and client members going forward.

The Solution

Budget was key as this is a new and growing business. Also, security and confidentiality were extremely important. As all Labyrinth Staff carry enhanced DBS clearance, our client was reassured that anyone working on their systems recognized the importance of confidentiality. At the main site a hardware firewall was deployed giving differing levels of Internet access to staff and clients meaning that clients were protected from inappropriate content whilst online. Computers were installed for clients which were also protected with antivirus software to add to the protection. Office 365 was deployed across the business meaning that all users were using the same version of Microsoft Office meaning that any incompatibility problems were solved between users preparing documents that were shared between users

The Outcome

"For the Lily Project it was imperative to ensure we had a system that we knew would safe guard the vulnerable residents and ensure our staff were safe by having clear records of usage. Due to guests visiting the service it was also important to ensure we had an option for guest usage. This system allowed us to feel reassured that we had done all possible to meet our legal requirement with current legislation. It has also been very useful to have a monthly support option so that Labyrinth are available remotely, over the phone or site visits to address any I.T needs or issues."

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