It's Not Too Late to get GDPR Done!

It's Not Too Late to get GDPR Done!

May 31, 2018

Identify where your data is

This may seem a strange question but is all the data you hold actually within your business? Have any of your employees emailed data to themselves on their personal email addresses in order to work on files at home? If so this is a good opportunity to have a “Data Amnesty” and ask all staff to ensure data is returned to the business and deleted from external addresses or computers


With all the Hype surrounding the 25th May deadline it’s easy to get lost in the hype ending up more confused than you were before. So, what do you really need to do to ensure you are compliant with the new legislation? Here is our simple guide to making sure you are ready and have everything covered from your IT point of view


End User Control

Do your employees have only access to what they really need to fulfil their role in the business? If the answer to this is no, then consider additional security on your files and folders to make sure that access is kept to an absolute minimum

Are the passwords within your organisation changed regularly? Or do all users know each other’s passwords? Now is the time to implement a strict policy to cover this.


Email Security

Do you have a need for secure email? If you are sending sensitive data via email you need to consider this

You may want to avoid data leakage by denying forward, copy, paste or printing of emails being sent.


Perimeter Security

Do you have a firewall in place? Do you have up to date antivirus software deployed on your work systems.

Do you have a wireless network in your business? If so, do you give the password out to visitors. You might like to consider how access via wi-fi is achieved.


Breach Security

Is there a chance that your mobile devices with business data on them could be lost or stolen? If so think about what the impact of any loss would have on data, you hold

Equally do others connect mobile devices to your network? If so how do you know they are safe to do so?


And Finally......

Since the last regulation change the use of computers, Internet and Email within businesses has been introduced. Think hard about what your Business Computers are meant to be used for in comparison to how we use personal computers. We all need to consider how our computer use could introduce risk into the business environment.

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