Work from Anywhere with Office 365

Work from Anywhere with Office 365

Apr 18, 2016

Working in the current climate means more and more that having the ability to work from anywhere is a key factor for any business however large or small

Flexible working is becoming more popular and with personnel spread out geographically it can be difficult to organise meetings and collaboration in a simple manner. Well now you can. Using Office 365 is at the heart of working from anywhere and means cutting down on travel time and office rental or equipment

How can Office 365 help me work from anywhere?
By choosing the right product for your organisation you can implement flexible, remote working easily but still collaborate holding meetings via Skype for Business, Sharing company documents using a single Company SharePoint Site, share calendars using Business class email and work effectively on a variety of devices from your smartphone to your computer and many in between.

On top of the company SharePoint storage each user has a generous 1TB data storage allowance for storage of their own documents which should take care of all your storage needs.

So what are the real benefits to my business?

There are many benefits which come directly from using Office 365 with the key ones outlined below:

  • All users work on the current Office release and everyone uses the same version. This eliminates compatibility issues across the business
  • Clear costs are laid out year by year.Easily scale up or down the number of users as your business grows or contracts.
  • The ability to hold Skype Conference calls with video means you can keep in touch with all employees wherever they are
  • Shared documents are available via the company SharePoint Site anywhere and at any time via internet access
  • Synchronise Calendar data between users easily – have full visibility of personnel availability when making appointments. With active Sync more than one person can access calendars.
  • If there is ever an issue with staff getting to the office there is now no issue. As long as there is connection to the Internet you can truly work from anywhere, getting to any documents or emails  you need. And if all this is not enough for you, no longer will you have to book expensive meeting rooms but can run a video conference using Skype for Business which is part of your subscription already. This can save significant amounts of money for the business
  • By allowing your employees to work from anywhere, they can perform more efficiently knowing that workplace flexibility is encouraged. Happy staff can mean better productivity for any business.
    The Value of Meetings in Office 365

If you need further information either call us or visit the Microsoft Office 365 website for more information.

Click Here for more on how to work from anywhere

And remember, anyone who attends the meeting via Skype for Business can take notes during the meeting using OneNote as this comes as part of your subscription too!

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