IT in a Growing Business

IT in a Growing Business

Jun 20, 2017

Dealing with IT in a growing business and need advice? Well below we address some of the issues which you need to think about to make sure your IT has the resilience to see your business to the next level. So are you Dealing with IT in a growing business and need advice? If so read on…..

After a business has been established and begins to grow there are several considerations which need to be addressed regarding the IT set up that the business uses. Many new businesses begin on a strictly limited budget and this can mean that some of the important considerations can be overlooked at the start. Once the business begins to expand this is the time to ensure that the IT platform is stable and robust enough to cope with adding users and computers to it, while ensuring that it is protected against the threats and risks that come as a natural part of the computer network.

Consider the following areas

  • Implementation of IT Backups including management of offsite protection against fire, flood and theft;
  • Disaster recovery planning to minimise business interruption,
  • Security of your system against external threats
  • Seeking advice if you are wanting to move to the cloud
  • Applying Device management if you decide to allow your staff to use their own devices
  • Protection of sensitive data relating to vulnerable individuals
  • Getting Advice on computer hardware: servers, desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and apple macs to ensure they integrate into the business fully
  • Consider formal Computer network design, installation and management

Make the most of the broadband connectivity available to you.=
These are only a few of the key areas you need to consider. Make sure that equipment is looked after properly to get the most from it which will help your business to grow. Most importantly have someone reliable to be on hand to make sure it functions properly.

Computer Support

Look for a reliable IT support company who can help you to plan and roadmap your IT journey. They must cut out the jargon and be on hand to help you with key decisions. It might be tempting to use the services of a friend or an individual who works alone. If you do this you need to ask yourself what will happen in a crisis. Will they be able to respond quickly and get your system up and running quickly in the event of a disaster? If they are away on holiday will the result be business disruption?

We recommend that you look to employ the services of an established support company with more than one engineer. Check out their track record, take up references and speak to their existing customers. Any reputable company will not mind giving you access to many their existing clients.

Take advantage of local seminars and business support services who can help you. There are many across Somerset and Wiltshire – you could take a look here for  Somerset or here for Wiltshire. Be sure to work out where the  weaknesses in your network are and work to reduce the risks over time. Work with someone who will take the headache away and as a result help you continue to grow.

So still Dealing with IT in a growing business and need advice? We are happy to help and advise you on the next step on your journey – take a look here for our business products and services or call and speak to one of our friendly team

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