How to Backup your PC and protect your data

How to Backup your PC and protect your data

May 27, 2016

How to Backup your PC and protect your data

In this the latest blog in our series about backups and their importance we progress to how to backup your PC and achieve the protection against data loss that we all want to have

Some users believe that by backing up their data to a separate folder on their computer is enough to say that their data is backed up. But what if your hard drive fails? Well the data is all in the same place so it will all be lost

Other users store files in Dropbox. Is this really a backup? Well no it isn’t. Why? Because if you accidentally delete from your Dropbox storage then the file will be removed. If you then have a failure then there is no file to recover. Be aware also that if you are running a shared Dropbox for a small business and there is a virus/ransomware infection then all the shared files could be affected leaving a total data loss.

The same can be said about OneDrive. Although generous on space be clear that this is an online storage area and not a backup.

Onsite or Offsite Backup?

Onsite backup to a different computer may be all you feel necessary. The risk which you are left with if you take this option is protection against fire, theft or flood. This can of course be minimised by using a fire proof safe or lock box or otherwise if the property is a large one you could place your backup device in another part of the building.

Offsite Backup however is the method of choice if you want to eliminate multiple risks. You can choose between a scheduled backup which requires no intervention or otherwise a manual backup solution which requires input from someone onsite.

All of the following options can be stored offsite and physical devices can be stored onsite also.

USB Memory Stick

By far the cheapest solution this is the most common form of backup for most users.

Pros: Cheap, Easily portable and easy to use

Cons: Can be broken easily, because they are so small they are also easily lost.

USB Hard Drive

Still relatively cheap and quite common. Easily available and economical

Pros: Choice of size up to large sizes, easily portable

Cons : If dropped there is an internal hard drive so can be damaged easily, if using a scheduled piece of software to perform your backup you have to remember to plug it in to transfer data and critically remember to unplug it and take it offsite when the backup of your pc finishes

Cloud Backup

Totally easy to schedule and leave to someone else to monitor or look after yourself

Pros: No user input required, complete offsite protection assured

Cons: costs can be expensive, still need to monitor that the backup is passing

So obviously there are many solutions to be had with some not costing very much at all. Now that we have covered how to backup your pc is there really any excuse not to protect yourself from data loss?

We think the answer is no! Still have questions? Feel free to contact us on 01935 421299 to take the next step and make sure that your files are protected and especially your photographic memories are preserved for the future.

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