Updated : Coronavirus Statement January 5th 2021

Updated : Coronavirus Statement January 5th 2021

Jun 4, 2020

Helpdesk Provision

No Staff operating within the business are showing any signs or symptoms of the virus. They are all very aware of what they need to do if their circumstances change. Our Helpdesk will continue to operate throughout the period of infection with provision for all staff to work from home if necessary

Our hours of operation remain unchanged along with current out of hours support which is in place


Site Visits

We will continue to carry out high priority site visits when necessary although we will restrict non-urgent visits such as routine maintenance for the time being. We will update customers who are expecting visits prior to appointment times when necessary.

We do however request that our clients inform us immediately if they have a confirmed case within their premises and prior to any booked appointments we may have in order to protect our staff from exposure where it can be avoided


Remote Working

We understand that many of our clients will need assistance in order that their operatives can work remotely from home. We have systems which we can deploy to assist with this where necessary and will work with you to make sure your requirements are met.

However, please do bear with us as not surprisingly we are being inundated with requests for this function from many clients at present.

We are also investigating other short-term measures which can help our clients to operate through the restrictions in place


Pre-Arranged Meetings

We will wherever possible be moving these meetings to video conferencing. Any non-urgent meetings which can be rearranged will be postponed with consent from our clients


Workshop Repairs

We are now in a position to restart computer repairs within our workshop. Repairs will be taken by appointment only BUT we ask you only attend with confirmed appointment times. On entering the building please wait to be approached by one of our friendly staff

Our workshop is equipped with masks and gloves for our staff to use to offer protection to customers. The workbench will be cleaned prior to acceptance of any unit for repair. Only one unit will be on the workbench at a time and units will be cleaned and placed in our clean despatch area before pickup. 

Payments can be taken via contactless payment or if physical interaction with our card machine is required this will be cleaned in between clients.


Situation Developments

As the current situation evolves, we will update our position in line with the Government advice being given. This may mean changes to the above actions and statements but will continue to update our clients to ensure communication of any changes to the steps already taken


We thank all our clients for their understanding and will strive to continue to support you to the levels which you expect from us.

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