Backup and Disaster Recovery for Not For Profit

No Charity or Not for Profit organisation can afford to lose the trust of its existing or potential supporters, and at Labyrinth IT Solutions we advise and carry out stringent backup transfers to guard against data loss.

Data Backup and Security

We build your systems to run seamlessly with backup and recovery protection which lets you secure, backup and archive data, and in a short space of time recover critical or sensitive information.

For cloud based system users we can backup via individual users or alternatively organisation wide dependent on the circumstances which best suit you. We can offer complete cloud backup storage always monitored by us or alternatively by someone within your own organisation.

We can also advise on the best offsite solution for the organisation if required and will off a storage/backup system to suit you individually. If your data is especially sensitive then we can also encrypt backups on your behalf to further enhance security.

With Test restores on backups done regularly for our contracted customers we can prove systems are working so that recovery from Disaster is not a problem.


Our Yeovil-based team all carry enhanced DBS clearance so you can rest assured that any data relating to vulnerable persons is protected at all times.