Home Computer Backup

With Labyrinth IT Solutions you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never lose that all-important file or those precious family memories again. Home Computer Backup in Somerset and the South West is one of our specialist areas. With lots of solutions to choose from we can protect your data against the worst. Whether you are worried about protecting against hardware failure, theft or fire we can advise you all the way.

Home Computer Backup is becoming just as important to users as business backup. With the arrival of Superfast Broadband Cloud offsite backups are now an affordable reality. For your personal Home Computer Backup we have lots of packages available to choose from. With scheduled cloud backups you don’t need to worry about forgetting to backup – the system will do it all for you. The packages are flexible so as your data grows you can easily swap between packages with no interruption to your backup. If the worst should happen and your computer fails you can rest assured that we can restore your data quickly and easily to a new one or a replaced hard drive on your old one.

Many of us want to keep our digital photographs on our computer. These files can be big and users worry about how to protect them in a Home Computer Backup environment. An external hard drive could be the solution for you ensuring that these precious files are available should the worst happen and gives you the peace of mind knowing they are stored in more than one place. If you are an Office 365 user you can also utilise your One Drive storage and we can assist with setting this up with you to ensure all the files you want are uploaded to your storage space.

For smaller data, an external USB Flash drive might be all that is needed. We can advise on sizes required and storage to ensure they do not get lost!And of course as always weoffer up-to-date advice on which is most suitable, and assist you in setting up your broadband service.