School IT Security Solutions

At Labyrinth IT Solutions we recognise the importance of keeping pupils safe whilst using the computers within the school environment. Everything we provide to schools and educational establishments as a product or service is based around safety and security for the pupils and the system.

Password Protection and Student Controls for Schools

We can help you maintain a healthy IT network, establish password protection for user accounts, and add network and Internet controls for students so they can only access specified and appropriate content.

Other solutions we provide specifically for schools

We also provide numerous other solutions to ensure safety of pupils and staff

From effective Anti-Spam solutions, Perimeter security via Hardware based firewalls to backup solutions you can rest assured that your environment is secured effectively whilst taking advantage of the educational discounts available from the Vendors we collaborate with.

We can advise on all aspects of security on premises as well as security whilst using any Cloud Based System ensuring that the same high standards of security and safety are maintained to your requirements

We have highly experienced Educationally qualified advisors to assist you to ensure a completely secure environment for students, staff and also parents

With all our personnel holding DBS Enhanced clearance you can rest assured you are in the best of hands working with us at Labyrinth


Call or email our Labyrinth IT Solutions specialist advisors to find out more.