School Backup & Disaster Recovery

No school or education provider wants their pupils or teaching staff to experience disruption in day to day learning, which is why Labyrinth IT Solutions can build your systems to run seamlessly with backup and recovery protection.

Easy to manage solutions allow you to resume learning activity within a short space of time and to easily recover email messages, folders and documents.

School data backup systems

You can choose to backup your data onsite to removable media or our technicians will advise on offsite options such as an external hard drive or ‘cloud’ storage. Dependent on budget and the individual environment we will work with you to find the best option for your school or academy.

Labyrinth IT Solutions can monitor and completely look after the backup and disaster recovery solution for you or alternatively can assist with onsite monitoring by a member of your own staff. Either way we will ensure that you are confident that backups are working successfully in case of the need to restore data.

As a matter of course we test backups that we look after by means of a test restore on your systems to ensure that all backups are viable

Disaster Recovery

We can assist with implementation of a disaster recovery plan for your school or academy. This can be via a traditional restore method, replication of data or via site recovery managed by our team on your behalf. Whichever solution suits you best will be assessed and put in place giving you reassurance that in the case of complete failure we can get you up and running as quickly as possible with the minimum of disruption to your IT systems.