IT Support Specialists to Professional Services

IT Support Specialists to Professional Services

As IT Support Specialists to Professional Services this specialty is a key area for Labyrinth IT Solutions offerings. Support for Professional Services requires stringent data protection compliance and confidentiality. All our members of staff are CRB enhanced cleared giving you additional peace of mind.

Our many business clients include those working in a variety of Professional Service Sectors who put their trust in Labyrinth Computers to ensure they achieve stringent levels of necessary compliance.

We work in collaboration with service sector clients to implement:

Additional controls and data protection for confidential client data

We can help achieve compliance if you are using payment card terminals. In addition we can use group policy to control access to certain areas of your data stores to ensure only authorised personnel can access client files.

We can implement use of only controlled external devices on your network to avoid accidental or malicious data leakage. We can also monitor user data files to ensure access is appropriate for business needs.

Remote worker controls

We can assist with controlling access to your systems remotely. This gives you the peace of mind that only authorised members of staff can work when out of the office keeping data within your premises as much as possible.

If your members of staff have mobile phones provided by you which carry data we can implement mobile device management to ensure that only authorised use of the device is occurring. Similarly, if your members of staff use remote laptops we can implement pre-boot disk encryption to ensure that in the event of loss or theft your data remains secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel.

If you need to secure your network against external threats on a more permanent basis we can block internet access at certain times of the day or alternatively can block external network access between certain hours, e.g. overnight. Using our range of Watchguard products we can configure network access to exactly meet your needs – click here for more on our current range of firewall appliances and their features.

Secure Email

Working with a number of secure email providers for professional services we are able to assist with set up and use of secure email systems for external communication services. We can liaise with the provider on your behalf in order to ensure that the system works as it should.