For Defence Industry

Defence Industry IT Specialists

As Defence Industry IT Specialists we understand the security issues surrounding this business sector and are fully familiar with the requirements of a List X site

Our advisers at Labyrinth IT Solutions are experienced at working with clients in the Defence Industry and aware of the sensitive compliance and security issues faced by the sector.

Each member of the team carries security clearance in addition to our CRB enhanced clearances and we can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

Hard Disk Encryption

All Defence Industry IT Specialists know the importance of reliable Hard Disk Encryption. In the modern world with more and more portable device usage it is more critical than ever that data is protected. Working with Industry Leaders we are able to offer different products to suit your needs.

For Laptop and Notebook computers we advocate usage of Disk Encryption using DesLock software. With various options available we can deploy the most suitable product for your organisation. We can manage deployment centrally or stand alone depending on your requirements. click here to find out more about the different encryption options available.


Network Security

Whether you are running a single network or more than one, as Defence Industry IT Specialists we will help you to manage your security in the best way to meet compliance. Using our Defence approved security appliances for both Network Access and Remote availability we can design the best system for you.

Want to close your network down at night? No problem using our Firewall appliances we can do this with ease click here to see our latest range of firewall appliance s and their features. With an appliance to fit any need you can be sure your network will benefit from the solution best suited to your needs. 


If you are looking to create a secure remote access environment then we can assist with this also using a specialist appliance. Using Barracuda Networks appliances and with our valued partner relationship with the vendor we are able to give the very best advice to satisfy your requirements – follow this link to find out more about our preferred options

Secure System Updates

Need secure system updates? As Defence Industry IT Specialists we are able to offer onsite system updates, carried out by engineers with the correct security clearances for your organisation. Often the nature of work undertaken means systems cannot access the Internet and therefore updates are challenging to apply to ensure systems run smoothly

We can offer set hours within support contracts in order to carry out these tasks leaving you free to continue with your own tasks reassured that updates are all taken care of. Alternatively we can complete these tasks on a pay as you go basis instead if you prefer.

Contact us now to discuss your secure network requirements.