Business Computer Hardware

Looking for Computers for Business in Somerset and Dorset? Our speciality is looking carefully at your business and supplying the right thing for your needs. With over 17 years’ experience in providing PCs and other hardware to businesses in Somerset, Dorset and the South West, Labyrinth IT Solutions understands the importance of delivering appropriate IT solutions to growing businesses.

Computer Hardware to suit your business. Which type of business are you?

We work with organisations from 1 to 250 PCs. From start up’s to bigger businesses we can support you using our expertise in long term supplying of Computers for Business in Somerset and Dorset offering all the experience you expect from a well established business.

  • Start Up Businesses : You need to know the pitfalls of beginning with a sub standard system which will only meet your needs in the very short term and will not grow with your business. We at Labyrinth take the time to understand your business plans in order to ensure your IT fits with your business vision and not become redundant too quickly
  • Micro Businesses : Between 1 and 5 computer users? Not sure how to share your data and cope with the growing needs of your business? We can help reassure you that your system will grow as demand on resources continues into the future. All our systems are supplied knowing that they can cope with expansion of data files
  • Small Businesses : More than 5 computers? Needing a stable network to build your business on? We can help with advice on which system to take, whether it be cloud based or in house, or indeed a hybrid solution with a bit of both we will make the system fit your needs and you can rest assured that as your data grows your system can cope
  • Larger Businesses : For larger, more established businesses we have extensive experience in dealing with larger networks. With our knowledge and skill we can ensure your system remains suitable for use for your business and recommend any changes you may require.

Business Computer Hardware

Labyrinth IT Solutions only provides quality tried and tested brands to our clients; as well as extended warranties of up to five years on our recommended products we can supply:

  • Servers – Windows or Mac
  • Workstations – high end for resource intensive work
  • Desktop computers – for office-based working
  • Laptops – for office and remote-based working
  • Apple Mac laptop and desktop systems
  • Tablets – including iPad integration into Windows networks
  • Networked and wireless inkjet and laserjet printers
  • Monitors and flat panel LCD screens – including multiple screen set-ups
  • Wireless solutions

Our business IT consultants enable you to take a step back from day to day IT issues and Labyrinth IT Solutions bespoke service will ensure you get the best out of your system – and out of your budget.