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Barnabas Housing Association Ltd


Having gained much experience of working alongside not-for-profit organisations over many years, the challenge has always been to get cost-effective solutions to any problems within a restrained budget. This was particularly relevant in the case of Barnabas Housing, which has multiple sites and offices to consider, with all requiring connectivity between each other.



Labyrinth worked alongside a number of trusted vendors, all of whom offer reduced pricing for not-for-profit organisations, in order to be able to provide solutions which were fit for purpose at a much more affordable rate than usual, thereby minimising the financial impact of any work on Barnabas Housing. Going forward, Labyrinth was also able to offer similar discounts on renewal pricing.


“As a Company we have always been pleased with the support and service that we received from Labyrinth.  We are a non-profit making organisation and therefore it is important that we always get the best service and products at the best possible prices, we always could rely on Labyrinth to make sure both were achieved.

 Also the majority of our staff  are not completely computer “savvy” so is important that any they felt that they were able to contact Labyrinth to sort out even menial problems without feeling foolish, this was achieved with outstanding customer service.”